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Personal Injury Lawyers

If you have been injured at work, in a motor vehicle accident, in a public place or as a result of medical treatment  you need competent, clear, common sense legal advice.

Our personal injury lawyers offer an individual, personalised service to each and every one of our clients.

Your case will be handled  from start to finish by a lawyer dedicated to ensuring the best possible result for you.

We’ve got the experience, knowledge and compassion you’ve been looking for. Contact us to get started.

Workers’ Compensation claims

Have you sustained a workplace injury or contracted an illness at work? We can help.

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Medical Negligence

Did a health care provider cause an injury  while you were in their care? We can help.

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Motor Vehicle Accident claims

Were you injured in a car accident or traffic collision? Even as a cyclist or pedestrian? We can help.

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Public Liability Claims

Did you become injured or ill because someone didn’t take the right amount of care? We can help.

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Superannuation and Insurance Claims

Are you unable to work because of injury or illness? You might be covered under your superannuation fund. Even if the injury happened outside of work.

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Have you been diagnosed with or suffer from an asbestos-related disease, such as asbestosis? We can help.

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The Process for Making a Compensation Claim

Step 1: 

When you contact us, you’ll speak directly with a lawyer.

Step 2: Ask specific and clear questions

When we speak with you on the phone we will ask some questions about when and where your accident occurred, what injuries you have suffered and what medical treatment you have received.

If you then want to schedule an appointment we can put that into place.

Step 3: Appointment

We understand that a lot of your time is spent going to medical appointments, doing rehab or simply resting and that you need to focus on your recovery.

That’s exactly where your focus should be.

We know that not being well enough to work or travel is frustrating so we can make the process easier.

You may just not want to sit in Melbourne traffic.

Step 4: First Meeting:

Your first meeting with us will be with Kiera Menzies who is the Principal Lawyer at Menzies Legal.

Kiera is an experienced personal injury lawyer with in excess of 20 years experience in personal injury law.

Kiera will listen to your story and ask some more detailed questions about how you were injured, learn more about how the injury has affected your everyday life and what medical treatment you have had.

Kiera will then explain what options you may have going forward and explain how legal costs work.

Prior to meeting with Kiera, we ask that you complete our online questionnaire which will mean we can concentrate on the issues which are most important at our meeting.

If after the meeting you do not want to retain Menzies Legal there will be no charge for the appointment.

Step 5:

We will send/email some paperwork to you for signing and then get your claim underway.

You can continue to concentrate on your recovery and let us deal with the insurers and form filling.

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